1U 19″ Server Rack Ears


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  • Fittings Included

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1U 19 Inch Metal Corner Mount Server Rack Ears Including Screws

Introducing our versatile 1U 19 Inch Metal Corner Mount Server Rack Ears, the perfect solution for organising and securing your network and server equipment with ease. Crafted from premium quality steel and CE certified, these server rack ears mount seamlessly into any standard 19-inch server rack.

Whether you’re deploying switches, routers, patch panels, or other rack-mounted devices, these rack ears provide a reliable mounting solution for optimal organisation and accessibility.

Includes Fittings

Each set of rack ears comes complete with screws for hassle-free installation.

Mount your equipment quickly and easily without requiring any additional hardware. The sleek and compact 1U design ensures minimal impact on your rack space, making them ideal for environments with limited space.

Enhance Your Server Rack Setup

Upgrade and scale your server rack with confidence. Trust in our reliable mounts for easy organisation and secure mounting of your valuable network equipment. Keeping your server racks tidy and organised is crucial for maintaining an efficient and reliable network infrastructure.

Benefits of a well organised server rack:

  • minimises the risk of accidental damage or disruptions
  • ensures efficient use of resources, contributing to cost savings
  • makes equipment maintenance easier by providing clear access
  • reduces time searching for and accessing specific components
  • provides more flexibility for future expansions and upgrades
  • optimises air flow and cooling efficiency to prevent overheating

These metal corner mounts offer a convenient and scalable solution for mounting your equipment while prioritising stability and support.

How much weight can they hold?

Experiencing sagging or bending with your existing set up?

We recommend fitting shelves or rails to help take the strain rather than relying on rack ears to hold the weight.

These are our standard server rack ears and are rated to hold up to 8kg per pair.

For equipment up to 20kg, see our: Startech 1U Server Rack Shelf


If you’re setting up a server rack and are interested in the best practices for doing so, take a look at: How To Layout A Server Rack